Q39. What happens to the size of the pupil of our eye in bright light?


Q40. How can you show that white light consists of seven colors?


Q41. What makes things visible?


Q42. What is 'normal' in the reflection of light from a plane mirror?


Q43. What is the name of transparent front part of an eye?


Q44. Name some food items which are rich in vitamin A.


Q45. Why too little or too much light is bad for our eyes?


Q46. A book lying on a table in a room can be seen from all the parts of the room. Give reason?


Q47. What should we do if something like a dust particle or an insect gets into our eye?


Q48. How a hair dresser makes us see hair at the back of our head after the hair cut is complete?


Q49. State the laws of reflection.


Q50. How do we see a moving picture or a movie?


Q51. What are rods and cones in the retina of an eye?


Q52. Boojho stands at A just on the side of a plane mirror as shown in figure. Can he see himself in the mirror? Also can he see the image of objects situated at P, Q and R?



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