Q41. The bulb does not glow in the setup shown in Figure. List the possible reasons. Explain your answer.

Image from NCERT


Q42. The process that you saw in Activity 14.7 is used for purification of copper. A thin plate of pure copper and a thick rod of impure copper are used as electrodes. Copper from impure rod is sought to be transferred to the thin copper plate. Which electrode should be attached to the positive terminal of battery and why?


Q43. How would you classify lemon juice- a good conductor or a poor conductor of electricity?


Q44. A beaker contains an acidified copper sulphate solution. A copper plate and a carbon rod are kept in this copper sulphate solution. The copper plate is connected to the positive terminal of a battery whereas the carbon rod is connected to the negative terminal of the battery. What happens when electric current is passed through copper sulphate solution?


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