Q38. How does sound of a bird differ from roar of a lion?


Q39. Which produces sound of a higher pitch: a drum or a whistle? Why?


Q40. What frequency can dogs hear but not humans?


Q41. Can sound travel through a vacuum? Why or why not?


Q42. How does loudness depend on the amplitude of vibrations?


Q43. How is sound produced in Sitar?


Q44. Why are the voices of men, women and children different?


Q45. How can you show that a sounding tabla is vibrating?


Q46. How can we distinguish between a man's voice and a woman's voice even without seeing them?


Q47. What can be done along the roads to reduce noise pollution caused by traffic from reaching the residents of the area?


Q48. State one observation from everyday life which shows that sound travels slower than light.


Q49. What are called inaudible sounds?


Q50. How is pitch related to frequency?


Q51. The sound from a mosquito is produced when it vibrates its wings at an average rate of 500 vibrations per second. What is the time period of the vibration?


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