About the passage

Read to understand

A. Answer these questions with reference to the context.

1. ‘This marathon is organized by ‘Racing the planet’, a sporting event management company headquartered in Hong Kong, and is widely recognized as the most prestigious outdoor series in the world.’

a. Which marathon is being talked about here? Where is it held?

b. What is the total distance covered in this marathon?   

c. What is the ultimate objective of this marathon?


2. ‘The feeling of elation and pride I felt is indescribable’

a. Who is ‘I’ here?

b. What do you understand by the word ‘elation’?

c. Why did ‘I’ have a feeling of elation and pride?


B. Mark these statements as true (T) or false (F).

1. Mawsynram is the driest place on earth.

2. The Atacama Crossing Race is organized by ‘Racing the Earth’.

3. Cidambi took up running after being diagnosed with diabetes.

4. Cidmabi and kakade were the first Indians to compete in the Atacama ultra-marathon.

5. The competitors safely crossed through the minefield with the help of glowsticks.


C. Answer these questions.

1. What makes the Atacama Crossing Marathon a very challenging one?


2. What motivated Cidambi to join the race?


3. What kind of terrain did the marathoners have to face?


4. The participants were from different races, religions, and nationalities. How do you know this?


5. Why did Cidambi feel like giving up? What helped him to stay focussed?


6. Why was a ‘safe route marked out by glowsticks’?


7. Was it a kind thing to suggest to the runners that the glowsticks might have been moved?


8. Why does Cidambi say ‘being first was merely an optional extra’?


Discuss and write

1. What do you think surviving the minefield ordeal can be compared to?


2. Do you think the runners were conscious of the differences in their culture and backgrounds? Why do you think so?


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