About the passage

Read to understand

A. Answer these questions with reference to the context.

1. ‘I wonder what or who she is tattling about?’

     a)   Who spoke these words? When and where were they spoken?

     b)   Who is the ‘she’ mentioned here?

     c)   Why were these words said about her?


2. ‘Ooohhh! How would he do that?’

     a)   Who said this?

     b)   Who is the ‘he’ spoken about here?

     c)   What prompted such a reaction from the speaker?


3. ‘I think we need to speak to Ms Guha.’

     a)   Who is the speaker?

     b)   Who does ‘we’ refer to?

     c)   What does the speaker want to talk about?


B. Answer these questions.

1. Why were the girls rehearsing a skit?


2. What did the girls start doing when Mrs Debroy left?


3. Why did the villager in the story spread a rumour about the wise man?


4. Why did Avantika feel that Ms Guha told the story especially for Simran, Divya, and herself?


5. Why did the three girls want to talk to their teacher?



Discuss and write

1. Would you say that Avantika was not a hateful girl at heart? Justify your response.


2. It is human nature to talk about other people. When is it a positive thing, and how can it become negative?


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