About the passage

Read to understand

A. Answer these questions with reference to the context.

‘These are first steps, but positive ones, towards a more sustainable future.’

1.  Who took these first steps?


2. What two important steps were taken?


3. In what way were the steps positive?



B. Answer these questions.

1. Who are Tai, Manga, and Jarjo?


2. Why did Jarjo mimic the sound of a baby deer in trouble?


3. When did the film-makers’ sojourn in the north-east begin? What was their objective during their stay?


4. What goal did the film-makers intend to achieve through their latest efforts?


5. Why have generations of tribal people in the north-east been hunting wild animals?


6. What motivated the tribal people to hunt wildlife recklessly?


7. What shows that the young tribals were more concerned about their environment than traditions?


8. What positive example have some ex-poachers set? Why would this ensure a sustainable future?



Discuss and write

1. Do you think it was easy for the tribal people to decide on the ban? Why?


2.’Preservation and protection of the environment is not a spectator sport.’ What does this mean? How should each of us be involved in the preservation of the environment?


A. Find words in the passage that mean the same as the phrases given below.

a) to take out - ______________

b) to imitate someone/something - ______________

c) send/go to live in another place - __________________

d) to keep getting less and less - ___________________

e) to strengthen and support - _____________________

f ) the basic requirements of a city (roads, buildings, power supply, etc.) needed to support society - _____________________

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