About the passage

Understand and Answer

A. Answer these questions with reference to the context.

‘ “Won’t it get crowded when it stops to pick up other passengers?” I asked’

1. Who asked this question, and to whom?


2. Where was the speaker at that moment?


3. What made the speaker think that ‘it’ would get crowded?


B. Complete these sentences with information from the text.

1. The writer was visiting _______________________.

2. They reached Heathrow _________________________.

3. ‘Pod’ is another name for _________________________.

4. The pods were controlled ___________________________.

5. Pods are environment – friendly because ___________________.


C. Answer these questions.

1. Why did no one meet the narrator at the airport? How did this turn out to be a good thing for the writer?


2. Why was the writer curious to know about the new transport system?


3. Did he find the pod attractive? How do you know?


4. How does travelling in a pod save your time?


5. Are pods safe to travel in? How do you know?



Think and answer

Do you think a pod would be a suitable mode of transport in a country like India? Why or why not?


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