Q24. Write a short note on Child Labour Prevention Act.


Q25. Write a brief note on Bhopal gas tragedy.


Q26. What are the advantages to foreign companies in setting up production in India?


Why did Union Carbide set up its plant in India?


Q27. In what ways was the government responsible for the Bhopal tragedy?


What was the government doing when there were such blatant violations of safety standards in the UC plant?


Q28. How was environment treated earlier? What has been the change in perception? Discuss.


Q29. What do we mean when we speak of law enforcement? Who is responsible for enforcement? Why is enforcement so important?


Q30. Write a paragraph on the various roles of the government that you have read about in this unit.


Q31. What do you think the famous cartoonist R.K. Laxman is trying to convey in this cartoon? How does it relate to the 2006 law that you read about on page 125?


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