Q1. How are the people of working class exploited economically?


Q2. What does the right against exploitation state?


Q3. Why do the workers willingly work in unsafe conditions?


Q4. Why are companies and contractors able to violate environmental laws?


Q5. What does Article 21 of the Constitution state?


Q6. Who sets the minimum wages?


Q7. Why do we need laws?


Q8. Can you suggest some ways in which enforcement can be improved?


Q9. What are the problems in enforcement?


Q10. What are the three basic rights of workers?


Q11. Why do we need a law on minimum wages?


Q12. How can the government ensure social justice?


Q13. Can you point to a few other situations where laws (or rules) exist but people do not follow them because of poor enforcement?


Q14. Why do you think enforcement of safety laws is important in any factory?


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