Q1. Which article of Indian constitution abolishes untouchability?


Q2. 'The force is put on Ratham to perform the ritual of washing the feet of the priest and then bathing in that water'. Which fundamental right is being violated in the case?


Q3. What is the ‘Reservation Policy’?


Q4. By what names are the manual scavengers known in different parts of our country?


Q5. What is Article 15?


Q6. What did the marginal groups rely on to protect themselves from continued exploitation by other groups?


Q7. List two different provisions in the 1989 Act.


Q8. What is Article 17 of Indian constitution?


Q9. What do you understand by the term ‘Dalit’?


Q10. What are the ways in which marginalized communities tried to overcome the discriminations they faced?


Q11. How have the marginalised communities drawn on the fundamental rights?


Q12. List two Fundamental Rights in the Constitution that Dalits can draw upon to insist that they be treated with dignity and as equals.


Q13. What are the efforts made by government to eradicate manual scavenging?


Q14. Describe the 1989 Act made in context to adivasi demands.


Q15. What is manual scavenging? How is it harmful for people who practice it?

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