Q18. State the demands of the Indian National Congress in 1885.


Q19. What are reserved constituencies? What is the purpose behind such constituencies?


Q20. How many seats should a political party acquire in Lok Sabha to have a majority?


Q21. Describe coalition government.


What is coalition government?


Q22. How can all the citizens participate in the decision making process of the government?


How do people participate in decision making in a Parliamentary government?


How does the individual give approval to the government?


Q23. Who are the People in Parliament?


Q24. Write one merit and one demerit of coalition government.


Q25. How is a national government selected?


Explain the ways in which political party forms the government.


Q26. Write a short note on Lok Sabha.


Q27. What is ‘Question Hour’ in Parliament?


How does the Parliament control the executive?


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