Q1. What are the two Houses of Parliament?


Q2. What does EVM mean?


Q3. How does the Parliament session begins?


Q4. When were EVMs used for the first time?


Q5. What is a constituency?


Q6. Who presides over Lok Sabha?


Q7. What is the purpose of parliament?


What is the main function of the parliament?


Q8. What is the principle of universal adult franchise?


Q9. How many members does the President nominates in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha?


Q10. Who makes the opposition party?


Q11. Parliament is the most important symbol of Indian Democracy. Explain.


Q12. Which house of parliament is more powerful with regard to financial matters and how?


Q13. Give reasons for the reservation of seats in Parliament for SCs, STs and OBCs.


Q14. Opposition plays an important role in democracy. Justify.


What is the role of opposition in democracy?


Q15. What are the basic ideals of democracy?


Q16. What are the major functions of the parliament?


Q17. Enlist the components of Indian Parliament.


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