About the poem

A. Answer these questions with reference to the context.

‘And when the gardener comes to see

He’s sure to blame mamma or me.’

1. Who says these lines?


2. What will the gardener see?


3. Who is ‘he’ in these lines?


B. Answer these questions.

1. What do the first two lines of the last stanza mean? Choose the correct option.

       a)   The puppy is healthy though it isn’t pretty.

       b)   The puppy is kind and good-looking.

       c)   The puppy is good and kind, even though it isn’t pretty.


2. Why does the puppy ‘walk zigzag’?


3. What is it always looking for?


4. What game does the puppy like best?


5. What is the poet sorry about?


6. Why do you think the poet does not want the puppy to grow up?


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