Practice Page 1


State True (T) or false (F).


a. Now-a-days most of the houses in cities are made of bricks. ________

b. Stilt house is common in desert area. _________

c. Wood is a good insulator and helps to keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. ___________

d. Mud wall and straw roof keeps house hot in summer._______

e. Igloo is also called snow house. ___________

f. Early man lived in Caravan. ___________


Fill in the blanks.




a. _______________ were the first to make baked brick houses.

b. ______________ are floating house on water bodies like lake.

c. Modern day __________ are made of water proof materials, like canvas cloth or nylon.

d. People living in the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada, and Alaska are known as ____________.

e. ___________ is a house built by using block of snow generally in the form dome shape.


Answer the following.


a. Why caravan is called the house on wheel?




b. Why people build house on stilt in some region?



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