Q20. Who was the first Indian woman to become President of the Indian National Congress?


Q21. Who was the first Governor General of free India?


Q22. Why did Rabindranath give up the title of knighthood?


Why did Rabindranath Tagore renounce his knighthood?


Q23. Who was A.O Hume? What role did he play in the history of India?


Who was AO Hume? What was his contribution in the Indian national movement?


Q24. What is the literal meaning of Sarvajanik?


Q25. When was Indian National Congress established?


Q26. Why did Mahatma Gandhi along with other Indians establish the Natal Congress in South Africa?


Who established the Natal Congress and why?


When was Natal Congress established?


Q27. Who wrote the book Poverty and Un-British rule in India? What was it about?


Q28. What did the Muslim League resolution of 1940 ask for?


Q29. Write a short note on Lala Lajpat Rai.


Q30. Write a brief note on government of India Act 1935.


Q31. On what term were the congress leaders ready to support the British war effort at the time of Second World War? Did British accept their demand?


Q32. Who did the Indian National Congress wish to speak for?


Q33. Why did the Muslim League announce 16 August 1946 as ' Direct Action Day'?


Why did the Muslim League decide to observe the ‘Direct Action Day’ on August 1946?


Q34. Why did Mahatma Gandhi break the salt law?


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