Practice Page 1


State True (T) or false (F).


a. Early man lived in buildings.___________


b. Germs grows in sunlight._________


c. Green plants planted around the house and kept in pots inside the house also help in keeping the air clean and fresh. _________

d. House keeps us safe from hard weather, wild animals and dust. ______


Fill in the blanks.


a. All the drains should be kept ______________.


b. Free flow of fresh air is called _____________________.

c. Waste not properly managed can cause _____________ problems.

d. Sunlight makes the house___________, ____________ and ______________.

e. Air enters our home from ____________ or ________________.

f. Building a house is both an ____________ and as well as a _____________.


Match the following.



Provision of fresh air to a room, building, etc.

An ideal house

must have

Provision of clean drinking water and proper disposal of sewage waste water from the house.


Protects us from heat, rain, cold, dust, wild animals and thieves.

A house

Enough ventilation, sunlight and sanitation.


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