Q28. Why did Phule dedicate his book Gulamgiri to the American movement to free slaves?


Q29. What did Raja Ram Mohan Roy do to end the practice of sati?


How did Raja Ram Mohan Roy abolish sati system?


What steps did Raja Ram Mohan Roy take to eradicate sati?


Q30. What do you know about Tarabai Shinde and Pandita Ramabai? What did they do for improving the condition of women?


Q31. How did Jyotirao the reformers justify their criticism of caste inequality in society?


Q32. In the British period, what new opportunities opened up for people who came from castes that were regarded as “low”?


Q33. Give an account of the movement that spread in different parts of the country in favour of widow remarriage. Did the movement get success?


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