Q20. Why were classes not held during harvest time in pathshala system?


Q21. What task was assigned to the pandit by the Company?


Q22. How were Oriental institutions like the Calcutta Madrasa and Benaras Sanskrit College viewed by the British?


Q23. What different languages did William Jones study?


Q24. Why was the Hindu College established in Benaras?


Q25. What did Thomas Macaulay urge the British government in India?


Q26. How does Mahatma Gandhi view literacy?


Q27. Why was the East India Company opposed to missionary activities in India?


Q28. What do you mean by wood's despatch?


Q29. Why did William Jones feel the need to study Indian history, philosophy and law?


Q30. Why did Mahatma Gandhi want to teach children handicrafts?


Q31. What does vernacular mean? Why did the British use this term in colonial countries like India?


Q32. What do you mean by Tagore’s abode of peace?


How did Tagore view his school namely Santiniketan?


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