Practice Page 1


State True (T) or false (F).


a. We must keep our house and its surrounding clean.___________


b. We should throw garbage out on the road._________


c. Hygiene means practice that we follow to stay healthy and clean. _________

d. Paper, glass, aluminium, plastic are recyclable material. ___________


Fill in the blanks.


a. All the drains should be kept ______________.


b. _______________ waste is a type of waste which can be decomposed easily.

c. ____________________ waste is a type of waste that cannot be decomposed by micro-organisms.

d. ________________ means measure we adopt for improving and protecting health and well-being of ourselves.

e. The three R’s - ___________, ______________ and ____________,

help in keeping environment clean.


Match the following.


Washing Hands

Symbol of recycling

Throwing garbage in bin

Personal Hygiene


Turns into manure after sometime

Use less

Clean environment

Compost Pit

Reduce Waste


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