Q17. What was special about Tipu Sultan sword?


Why was Tipu’s sword so special?


Q18. Write a short note on Patola weave.


Q19. What kinds of cloth had a large market in Europe?


Q20. What is smelting?


Q21. What came to be called ‘calico’?


Q22. Why Britain came to be known as the workshop of the world?


Q23. What is bandanna?


Q24. How were Indian textiles viewed in the world market?


Mention the importance of Indian textiles in the world market.


Q25. Who were weavers? Name some communities famous for weaving?


Q26. Who are the Agaria? Why did they leave their village?


Q27. What was Calico Act?


Q28. What happened to the weavers and spinners who lost their livelihood?


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