Q19. Why were some forests classified as reserved forests by the British?


Q20. Who were the outsiders being referred to as dikus?


Q21. Why was Birsa convicted?


Q22. Why did forest Department establish forest villages in many regions?


Q23. What did people say about Birsa Munda?


Q24. Which tribal groups moved with their herds of cattle or sheep according to the seasons?


Q25. Name the revolts that took place against the colonial forest laws.


Q26. Who was Birsa Munda?


Q27. Why British allowed Jhum cultivation in the reserved forests?


Q28. Which tribal group was reluctant to work for others and why?


Q29. What problems did Birsa set out to resolve?


Q30. Why did the British want tribal groups to settle down and become peasant cultivators?


Q31. State the five tribes found in India. Write the name of the Indian state where maximum tribes are found.


Q32. How did British officials see settled tribal groups and those who lived in the forest? 


Q33. What accounts for the anger of the tribals against the dikus?


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