Worksheet 1

Underline the verbs in the sentences below.

1. The bell rings.

2. Birds build nests.

3. The child climbs the tree.

4. Cows eat grass.

5. We learn English.

6. Dia planted flowers in her garden.

7. This dress looks beautiful.

8. I like to read stories.

9. My mother cooked the dinner.

10. He likes ice cream.

11. She is watching television.

12. Tia jumps on her bed.

13. Hens lay eggs.


Worksheet 2

Underline the verbs in the sentences below.

1. He is cleaning the floor.

2. They are playing football.

3. They are swimming.

4. The stars twinkle at night.

5. Rain falls on the roof tops.

6. We wash our hands.

7. Children play cricket.

8. The earth moves round the sun.

9. He threw the ball.

10. She eats an apple every day.

11. Tom writes letter to his friend.

12. She sang a melodious song.

13. Dad is cutting the grass.


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