Match the following.


a. Doctor

He delivers letters home.

b. Cook

He treats the sick.

c. Postman

He grows crops.

d. Farmer

He cuts our hair.

e. Barber

She prepares our meals every day.

f. Gardener

He stitches our clothes.

g. Tailor

He takes care of our gardens.

h. Cobbler

He mends our shoes.

i. Nurse

He makes doors, tables and chairs.

j. Carpenter

She looks after sick people.

k. Firefighter

He extinguishes fires.


Here are the names of community helpers. Put in the missing letters and complete these words.

1. C___ ___k

2. T___il___r

3. Po___icema___

4. She___he___d

5. Ga___de___er

6. Car___en___er

7. Nu___se

8. Wai___er

9. Co___ble___

10. Po___te___

11. Pott___r

12. D___ct___r

13. F___rm___r

14. Pos___m___n

15. Bar___e___

16. Te___ch___r


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