Q1. Fill in the blanks.

                            i.        Adolescents should be careful about what they eat, because ____________________________________________________.

                           ii.        Reproductive age in women starts when their _________________.

                          iii.        The right meal for adolescents consists of _________,                , _________________.

                          iv.        The period of transition between childhood and adulthood is known as ________________.

                           v.        Adolescents are also called ‘____________’.

                         vi.        Menstrual cycle is controlled by _________________.

          vii.        __________________ glands secrete an oily substance.

          viii.        Metamorphosis in insects is controlled by _____________________.

                          ix.        The onset of puberty and maturity of reproductive parts are controlled by __________________.

                          x.        Early marriage and motherhood cause health problems in the _____________ and the _________.

                         xi.        Puberty ends when an adolescent reaches reproductive ___________.


Q2. True/False

                           i.        Adrenaline is a hormone released from the adrenal glands. _______

                          ii.        Adolescence is a period of much activity in the body and mind which is a normal part of growing up. ________

                        iii.        Once puberty is reached in girls, ovaries begin to produce the female hormone or testosterone. _________

                        iv.        Growing up is a natural process. ________

                         v.        Thyroid gland produces insulin hormone. __________


Q3. Name the hormone that regulates secondary sexual characters in males.


Q4. Name the hormone that regulates secondary sexual characters in females.


Q5. Which virus causes AIDS?


Q6. Which of the two, sperm or egg cell (ovum), decides the sex of the child?


Q7. What is goitre?


Q8. Which hormone deficiency in the body causes diabetes?


Q9. How do shoulders and chest change in boys during puberty?


Q10. What is the other name of voice box?


Q11. Name some endocrine glands.


Q12. What is the natural balanced food for infants?


Q13. Name the female sex hormone.


Q14. Name the male sex hormone.


Q15. What gland controls sex hormones?


Q16. Name the endocrine gland attached to the brain.


Q17. Which endocrine gland secretes growth hormone?


Q18. What element is needed for thyroxine production?


Q19. State the main symptom of goitre.


Q20. Which hormone deficiency in the body causes goitre?


Q21. Which gland secretes insulin hormone?


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