Q23. What type of asexual reproduction take place in amoeba?


Q24. Who cloned Dolly the sheep?


Q25. What purpose does the tail in a sperm serve?


Q26. What is cloning?


Q27. What are the two modes of reproduction in animals?


Q28. What are the reproductive organs in humans which produce the gametes?


Q29. Which life process ensures that a plant or animal species will not disappear from the earth?


Q30. Explain the importance of reproduction in organisms.


Q31. What is an embryo?


Q32. Name the technique which is used to help a woman with blocked oviducts to have a baby.


Q33. Describe the process of fertilization in human beings.


Q34. How does a hydra reproduce?


Q35. Give two differences between a zygote and a foetus.


Q36. Give two differences between zygote and embryo.


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