Fill in the blanks with the Adverbs.

a. The boy ran ____________.

b. Ria is really _________________.

c. It works ____________ well.

d. Rishi speaks ________________.

e. Dia lives _____________ door.

f. Ravi ran _____________ to the room.

g. It is a ____________ beautiful dress.

h. Ram’s victory is ______________ magnificent.

i. It is ______________ peaceful here.

j. She works ________________ hard.

k. Tina listened ________________.

l. Ria sings ______________.

m. He returned ____________ at night.


Identify the adverbs and their kinds and write.

a. The boy was sitting lazily in the shade of the tree. __________________

b. I usually go to bed at 10 o’clock. __________________________

c. I have never been to the Australia.  ________________________

d. Please wait patiently. ______________________________

e. The results were announced yesterday. _______________________

f. She works fast. _____________________________

g. He almost finished his work. __________________________

h. The police looked for the missing child everywhere. __________________

i. The project is partly over. __________________________

j. Dia is too tired. ________________________________

k. Kareena left office early. ______________________________

l. His factory was shut down a few months ago. _______________________

m. We can stop here for dinner. _______________________

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