Q40. What were the problems faced by the planters in the NIJ system?


What were the problems with nij cultivation?


Why were planters reluctant to expand the area under nij cultivation till the late 19th century?’


Q41. Why did the indigo cultivators decide to rebel? How did they show their anger?


Why did the indigo cultivators decide to rebel?


Why did the indigo peasants decide they would no longer remain silent?


Q42. What problems did Permanent Settlement pose?


Q43. Describe different stages of the production of indigo.


How was indigo produced?


Q44. Describe the main features of the Permanent Settlement.


What were the terms of the Permanent Settlement?


Q45. Why were ryots reluctant to grow indigo?


Q46. Define the following terms: Mahal, Ryot, Satta, Bigha, Slave and Plantation


Q47. What were the circumstances which led to the eventual collapse of indigo production in Bengal?


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