Q22. Where did the slave revolt take place in 1791?


Q23. Why did cloth dyers prefer indigo to woad?


Q24. Why were Bengal artisans deserting villages?


Q25. What was nij cultivation?


Explain nij cultivation.


Q26. What problems did zamindars face under the Permanent Settlement?


Q27. What were the causes of Champaran Movement?


Q28. By the late nineteenth century, the Company forced cultivators in various parts of India to produce which crops?


Q29. How did indigo trade attract foreign traders?


Q30. Give two problems which arose with the new Munro system of fixing revenue.


Q31. By the end of the 18th century, the demand for Indian indigo grew further. What were the reasons behind it?


Why did the demand for Indian indigo increase?


Q32. Explain how the Bengal economy landed up in a crisis under the Diwani of the Company.


How did the Bengal economy fell into deep crisis?


Q33. Why was the Indigo Commission set up by the government? What were its findings and suggestions?

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