About the passage

Understand and Answer

A. Answer these questions with reference to the context.

‘ ”But that was dangerous, children!” ’

1. Who said this?


2. What was the reason for saying this?


3. What was dangerous? Why?


B. Reorder these sentences according to the events in the story. One has been done for you.

1. They informed inspector Chitnis about the men in the half-built house.

2. On their way to a bamboo grove, they saw a house that was only half completed.

3. Then children accompanied the policemen to catch the crooks.

4. Disha and Atharva hid behind two empty drums.

5. The five children were enjoying their holidays at their Grandma’s farm.

6. Two of the children saw some men inside the house.

7. The children decided to explore a bamboo grove.

8. The men were criminals wanted by the police.


C. Answer these questions.

1. Why was Grandma’s farm an exciting place?


2. Who was the leader of the group? How did he show this?


3. How did the youngest child feel about himself?


4. Why did the two older children take a long time at the house?


5. Where had they seen the men before?


6. What were the two sensible things that the children did?


7. Why had Inspector Chitnis come to the farm?


8. On what condition were the children allowed to accompany the policemen?


Think and answer

How do you think Atharva and Disha felt when they recognized the criminals? What would you have done if you were in their place?


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