About the passage

Understand and Answer

A. Answer these questions with reference to the context.

‘That’s why tourists love to visit this city.’

1. Who said this and to whom?


2. Where was the speaker when this was said?


3. Why do tourists love to visit the city? Give three reasons.


B. Mark the statements as (T) for true and (F) for false.

1. The airport is outside the city of Paris.

2. Paris is built on the banks of the River Seine.

3. France has snow-capped mountains, rivers, and plains.

4. Normandy and Brittany are separated from the rest of France by the sea.

5. Coastal France was not affected during World War II.


C. Answer these questions.

1.  ‘Paris is a beautiful city’. Give two reasons to support this statement.


2. What are the two things that France is famous for?


3. How are the people of the peninsular region different from those in the rest of France?


4. Mention any five things about France that the author found interesting.


5. Is France a good country to live and work in? Pick out a sentence from the passage that supports your answer. What effect does this have on the people?


Think and answer.

1. Paris has a great effect on the rest of France.

a) Pick out a sentence from the passage that supports this statement.


b) Can you think of a city in your state or country that has a similar effect?


2. Was the countryside in France as peaceful during World War II? Why?


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