About the passage

Understand and Answer

A. Answer these questions with reference to the context.

‘”I don’t see any giants!” Sancho said firmly, hoping to change the mind of his fanciful friend.’

1. Who was the ‘fanciful friend’?


2. Why couldn’t Sancho see any giants?


3. Why did Sancho hope to change his friend’s mind?


B. Mark the statements as true (T) of false (F).

1. Don Quixote was a very adventurous person.

2. He had a suit of armour made for himself.

3. Knights in armour were common in Don Quixote’s time.

4. Quixote was confident that he could make Sancho Panza a ruler.

5. Sancho Panza knew that Don Quixote often imagined things.


C. Answer these questions.

1. What did Don Quixote think the windmills were? Why did he think so?


2. Describe Don Quixote’s adventure with the windmill.


3. How did he explain to Sancho why he was fighting a windmill?


4. Why did he ask Sancho for the magic bowl?


5. What happened when Don Quixote put the bowl on his head? What did he think had happened to him?


6. When did Don Quixote say he would be ready for his next adventure?


Think and answer

Do you think Sancho believed Don Quixote would make him a ruler one day? Give a reason for your answer.


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