Q23. Write full form of LPG and CNG.


Q24. Which fuel is used in light automobiles such as motor cycles/ scooters and cars?


Q25. What are ‘Petrochemicals’?


Q26. What is carbonization?


Why is process of formation of coal called carbonization?


Q27. Why the layer containing petroleum and gas is above the water?


Q28. What is meant by refining of petroleum and where is it done?


Q29. Name the agency in India who advises people how to save petrol/diesel.


Q30. How is coal gas obtained? Write its uses.


Q31. Describe characteristics and uses of coke.


Q32. Write the characteristics of coal tar.


Q33. What are the uses of CNG?


Q34. Give two disadvantages of using fossil fuels.


What are the main disadvantages of fossil fuels?


Q35. What are the uses of petrochemicals?


Give the uses of petrochemicals obtained from petroleum.


Q36. What is the use of natural gas?


Q37. Explain why fossil fuels are exhaustible natural resources.


Q38. Why should the fossil fuels be used with care?


Why should fossil fuel be used carefully?


Why should we use fossil fuels economically and wisely?


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