Q1. Fill in the blanks.

                          i.        Fossil fuels are _______, _____________ and ______________.

                         ii.        Process of separation of different constituents from petroleum is called _________________.

                        iii.        Least polluting fuel for vehicle is _________________________.

                        iv.        The slow process of conversion of dead vegetation into coal is called __________________.


Q2. True/False

                           i.        Fossil fuels can be made in the laboratory. _______

                          ii.        CNG is more polluting fuel than petrol. ________

                         iii.        Coke is almost pure form of carbon. ________

                         iv.        Coal tar is a mixture of various substances. ________

                          v.        Kerosene is not a fossil fuel. ________

                         vi.        Coal gas was used for street lighting for the first time in London in 1810 and in New York around 1820. ________


Q3. Why LPG is a better fuel than coal?


Q4. Name the petroleum product used for surfacing of roads.


Q5. What are natural resources?


Q6. What are the characteristics of coal?


Give two characteristics of coal.


Q7. Which fuel is used in heavy motor vehicles?


Q8. Where and when was the world’s first oil well drilled?


Q9. What are the uses of kerosene?


Q10. Why is lubricating oil used?


Q11. Write the uses of paraffin wax.


Q12. From where do we obtain petrol and diesel?


Q13. How can bitumen be used?


Write uses of bitumen.


Q14. Give two uses of diesel.


Write two uses of diesel.


Q15. Why is petroleum also known as ‘black gold’?


Q16. How can petrol be used?


Write two uses of petrol.


Q17. Can coal, petroleum and natural gas be prepared in the laboratory from dead organisms?


Q18. Name two places in India where petroleum is found.


Where is petroleum found in the India?


Q19. What are the products obtained on refining petroleum?


Q20. Why are coal and petroleum called fossil fuels?


Q21. Name some places in India where natural gas has been found.


Where do we find natural gas in India?


Q22. How were fossils formed? Name two fossil fuels.


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