Q22. Where was the first textile mill in India established and when?


Q23. Name the major hubs of Information technology industry in the world.


Q24. Where are iron and steel industries in the world?


Q25. Where is textile industry concentrated in the world?


Q26. What is the link between the mines and the industry in Pittsburgh?


Q27. When and where was TISCO started?


Q28. What are common alloying elements for steel?


Q29. From where does the iron ore come to Pittsburgh?


Q30. How are industries classified on the basis of raw materials?


Classify industries on the basis of source of raw materials.


Q31. Where the major industrial regions of the world are tend to be located?


Q32. What are sunrise industries? Give examples.


Q33. Where do we find the major industrial regions of the world?


Q34. What is meant by the term ‘industry’?


Q35. What are the main factors which influence the location of an industry?


Q36. Which industry is often referred to as the backbone of modern industry and why?


Q37. ‘Several textile mills have closed down in Ahmedabad recently.’ Give reason.


Why in recent years several textile mills have closed down in Ahmedabad?


What was the major reason for several textile mills to close down in Ahmedabad?


Q38. Why cotton textile industry rapidly expanded in Mumbai?


Q39. What products do industrial plants in Jamshedpur produce?


Q40. What industries have started replacing the textile industry in Osaka?


What industries have replaced the cotton textile industry of Osaka?


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