Q1. Fill in the blanks.

                             i.        The raw material is put in the blast furnace where it undergoes _______________.

                            ii.        The river ________ provides sufficient water for the Osaka textile industry.

                            iii.        ________________ is often referred to as the ‘Manchester of India’.

                            iv.        Silicon Valley is a part of _______________ Valley, located next to the Rocky Mountains of __________________.

                             v.        The first successful modern textile mill was established in Mumbai in _____________.

                            vi.        _______________ activities or ________________ change raw materials into products of more value to people.


Q2. True/False

                             i.        Leather industry is an agro-based industry. _______

                            ii.        Small scale industries use lesser amount of capital and technology as compared to large scale industries. ________

                           iii.        Maruti Udyog Limited is an example of co-operative sector industry. _________

                            iv.        Alloys give steel unusual hardness, toughness, or ability to resist rust. ________

                             v.        Finished product has more value and utility than the raw material that it is made from. _________


Q3. What is the output of iron and steel industry?


Q4. Where is Silicon Valley located?


Q5. Which is the largest lake of the world?


Q6. What does AMUL stand for?


Q7. Name some natural fibres.


Q8. Where is Ahmedabad located in India?


Q9. Which Indian city is known as "The Manchester of India"?


Q10. Name some man-made fibres.


Q11. What is full form TISCO?


Q12. What are the effects of alloying elements on steel?


Q13. What are the processes of cotton textile industries?


Q14. When and where was the first successful textile mill established in India?


Q15. Name the great lakes of the world.


Q16. Where did the word textile come from?


Q17. What are the different ways in which the industries are classified?


Name three common methods of classifying industries.


Q18. What is Smelting?


Q19. Why Bangalore is called “Silicon Plateau”?


Why Bangalore is known as Silicon Plateau?


Q20. Why do industrial disasters occur?


What are the main causes of industrial accidents?


Q21. Which place is known as ‘Manchester of Japan’?


Which place is known as ‘Manchester of Japan’?

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