Q58. What happens when iron nails are placed in copper sulphate solution?


Q59. Have you ever seen a greenish deposit on the surface of copper vessels? What is that?


Why a greenish deposit is found on copper vessels in rainy season?


Why do copper vessels develop a greenish layer when exposed to moist air?


Q60. What happens when dilute sulphuric acid is poured on a copper plate?


Q61. State some of the chemical properties of non-metals.


What are the chemical properties of a non-metal?


Q62. One day Reeta went to a jeweller’s shop with her mother. Her mother gave old gold jewellery to the goldsmith to polish. Next day when they brought the jewellery back, they found that there was a slight loss in its weight. Can you suggest a reason for the loss in weight?


Q63. State some of the physical properties of non-metals.


Q64. What are the uses of non-metal?


What is the importance of non-metals?


Q65. State some of the chemical properties of metals.


What are the chemical properties of a metal?


Q66. Some properties are listed in the following Table. Distinguish between metals and non-metals on the basis of these properties.




1. Appearance



2. Hardness



3. Malleability



4. Ductility



5. Heat Conduction



6. Conduction of Electricity




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