Q22. How is subsistence farming classified?


Q23. Name some animals reared by nomadic herders.


Q24. What is mixed farming?


Q25. What type of climate is required for growing rice?


Q26. Why is mixed farming called so?


Q27. What is agriculture?


Q28. Where is commercial grain farming practised?


Q29. Where is mixed farming practised?


Q30. Where is wheat grown extensively?


Q31. Why is agriculture a primary activity in India?


In India agriculture is a primary activity. Give reason.


Q32. Where are agricultural activities concentrated?


Q33. Where did the word ‘agriculture’ derive from?


Q34. Where is intensive subsistence agriculture prevalent?


Q35. What do you understand by agricultural development?


Q36. What type of agriculture is practiced in developing countries?


Q37. Mention the areas where nomadic herding is practised.


In what sort of areas is nomadic herding practised?


Q38. What is organic farming?


Q39. What are tertiary activities?


Q40. What are primary activities?


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