Q1. Fill in the blanks.

                         i.        ________is one of the leading producers of copper in the world.

                        ii.        Metallic minerals may be __________ or ___________.

                       iii.        Electricity from coal is called ___________power.

                       iv.        Minerals are classified mainly as _________and __________minerals.

                        v.        Minerals can be extracted by________, _________or____________.

                      vi.        Petroleum is found between the layers of ________and is drilled from  __________located in off-shore and coastal areas.

         vii.        Graphite used in pencil is also a _______________.

         viii.        _____________has no known mineral deposit in it.

                       ix.        _____________of the world’s electricity is produced by hydel power.


Q2. True/False

                        i.        All minerals are rocks but all rocks are not minerals. _______

                       ii.        Minerals are inexhaustible. ________

                      iii.        Copper is another metal used in everything from coins to pipes. _____

                      iv.        Karnataka is not a producer of mica. _______

                       v.        Gold, silver and copper are ferrous mineral. ________

                      vi.        Deep bores dug to reach mineral deposits are called shaft. _______

         vii.        Chile and Peru are leading producers of copper. ________


Q3. Name any three common minerals used by you every day.


Q4. Name two naturally occurring radioactive elements.


Q5. Name one ore of Aluminum.


Q6. Which country is the largest producer of bauxite in the world?


Q7. Which is the most abundantly found fossil fuel?


Q8. Which country has the world’s largest geothermal power plants?


Q9. Name the place in India which has huge tidal mill farms.


Q10. Name two regions rich in natural gas resources.


Q11. Which continent produces more than half of the world’s tin?


Which continent is largest producer of tin?


Q12. Which continent is the leading producer of iron ore in the world?


Which continent is largest producer of iron ore?


Q13. Name two minerals in whose production India contributes a significant part.


Q14. Name the first country to develop hydroelectricity in the world.


Which was the first country to develop hydroelectricity?


Q15. In which industry is silicon important? From which ore is it obtained?


Q16. Which is the world’s largest producer of diamonds, gold and platinum?


Q17. What is mineral?


Q18. Name the leading tin producers in Asia.


Q19. Which two areas in Australia have large deposits of gold?


Q20. What is natural gas?


Q21. Where are Uranium and Thorium found in India?


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