Q41. Why plastic finds such a variety of uses?


Q42. Should the handle and bristles of a tooth brush be made of the same material? Explain your answer.


Q43. List the characteristics of synthetic fibres which make them popular dress materials.


What are characteristics of synthetic Fibres?


Mention the general characteristics of synthetic plastics.


Q44. Rana wants to buy shirts for summer. Should he buy cotton shirts or shirts made from synthetic material? Advise Rana, giving your reason.


Q45. Explain why some fibres are called synthetic.


Q46. Give three advantages of polythene over natural materials.


Q47. How is rayon made? Write two advantages of using rayon.


What are the advantages of artificial silk over natural silk?


Q48. ‘Manufacturing synthetic fibres is actually helping conservation of forests’. Comment


Q49. Explain why the following are made of thermosetting plastics.

(a) Saucepan handles

(b) Electric plugs/switches/plug boards


Q50. What properties of plastics make them so useful?


Q51. Why is a plastic bucket preferred over an iron bucket?


Q52. What are some uses of nylon?


Q53. Why is acrylic fibre more popular than wool?


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