Q23. Why is nylon used for making parachutes and ropes for rock climbing?


Q24. What is polymer?


Q25. Define petrochemicals.


Q26. Why should we use a cotton carry bag or jute bag while going for shopping?


Q27. Why plastic articles are available in all shape and size?


Q28. Why is teflon used for nonstick coating on cookwares?


Which material is used for coating non-stick kitchen wares and why?


Q29. Explain why plastic containers are favoured for storing food.


Q30. What is PET? Write its uses.


Q31. Give the composition of Polycot and Polywool.


Q32. “Tin, aluminium and other metal can are considered non-biodegradable.” Give reason.


Q33. Give two uses of rayon.


Q34. Suggest some ways in which we can contribute towards reducing the use of plastic materials?


Q35. Give examples to show that plastics are noncorrosive in nature.


Why are the chemicals in the laboratory stored in plastic containers?


Why are plastic containers used to store chemicals in labs?


Q36. What type of cookware is used in microwave oven and why?


Q37. How is plastic useful in healthcare industry?


Q38. Why is melamine used for making floor tiles, kitchenware and fabrics which resist fire?


Q39. Why electrical wires have plastic covering, and handles of screw drivers are made of plastic?


Q40. Why should recycled plastic not be used for the storage of food?


Why is recycled plastic not suitable for storage of food items?


Can recycled plastics be used in food containers? Why or why not?


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