Q23. Give one example to prove that the Indian secular state can intervene to prevent the religious domination concerning different groups of the same religion.


Q24. List the different types of religious practice that you find in your neighbourhood. This could be different forms of prayer, worship of different gods, sacred sites, different kinds of religious music and singing etc. Does this indicate freedom of religious practice?


Q25. Complete the following table:


Why is this important?

Example of a violation of this objective

One religious community does not dominate another.



The State does not enforce any particular religion nor take away the religious freedom of individuals.











That some members do not dominate other members of the same religious community.




Q26. In what ways does the Indian state work to prevent domination of the majority religious group?


Q27. The Indian State both keeps away from religion as well as intervenes in religion. This idea can be quite confusing. Discuss this once again in class using examples from the chapter as well as those that you might have come up with.


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