Q1. Fill in the blanks.

                           i.        In the United States of America, most children in government schools have to begin their school day reciting the ‘Pledge of _____________’.

                          ii.        The most important aspect of secularism is its separation of ___________ from State power.

                          iii.        In India, government spaces like law courts, police stations, government schools and offices are not supposed to display or promote any one ____________.

                          iv.        The Indian State is not ruled by a religious _________and nor does it support any one ___________.

                           v.        Jewish State of Israel treats its own _________and _______minorities quite badly.


Q2. True/False

                            i.        In Indian secularism the State is not strictly separate from religion. _______

                           ii.        Wearing a pugri (turban) is central to a Sikh’s religious practice. _____

                          iii.        Government schools can promote any one religion. ________

                          iv.        In Indian secularism, the State cannot intervene in religion. ________

                           v.        History provides us with many examples of discrimination, exclusion and persecution on the grounds of religion. ________


Q3. What does the term ‘secularism’ refer to?


Q4. What do you mean by ‘freedom to interpret’?


Q5. Explain the concept of ‘principled distance’.


Q6. How are non-Muslims treated in Saudi Arabia?


Q7. What is meant by the word ‘establishment’?


Q8. What is the most important aspect of secularism? State its importance.


Q9. “The government cannot force Sikhs to wear a helmet while driving two wheelers.” Give reason.


Q10. What provision has been made by the government to follow religious equality in government spaces, schools and offices?


Q11. When does discrimination occur?


When does the act of discrimination take place?


Q12. How Indian concept of secularism is different from United States?


Q13. Why government schools are not allowed to celebrate religious festival?


Q14. What is secularism in Indian context?


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