Q1. What do you understand by monarchy?


Q2. In Nepal, when did the Interim Constitution come into effect?


Q3. Who is known as the Father of the Indian Constitution?


Q4. What is a "State"?


Q5. What does Federalism mean?


Q6. What do you understand by a secular state?


Q7. What is democracy?


Q8. What is universal adult franchise?


Q9. How does the Indian Constitution safe guard the minorities of the country?


How does the Indian Constitution protect minority rights?


Q10. Which fundamental right has provisions prohibiting exploitation of weaker sections of the society?


State any three provisions made in the Constitution to prevent exploitation.


Explain Right against Exploitation.


Q11. What is Right to Constitutional Remedies?


Q12. Explain Right to Freedom of Religion.


Q13. Write a short note on Cultural and Educational Rights.


Q14. What did Dr Ambedkar state about scheduled caste?


Q15. What do you mean by Directive Principles of State Policy?


Q16. Define the term constitution.


Q17. Explain Right to Freedom.


What is the significance of the Right to Freedom?


What is the fundamental Right to Freedom?


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