Practice Page 1

     Underline the suitable verb for each subject in each sentence:

·         This rabbit (is/are) very friendly.

·         We (is/are) going to the park tomorrow.

·         Bread and butter (is/are) a good breakfast.

·         Neither Tia nor Priya (is/are) playing in the park.

·         My purse with all my essentials (is/are) in the almirah.

·         Someone (is/are) standing at the door.

·         His trousers (is/are) on the bed.

·         My father (go/goes) to office at 9 o’clock daily.

·         Potato, tomato and capsicum (is/are) kept in the fridge.

·         A sack of rice (is/are) lying on the floor.

·         Everyone (is/are) invited for the party.

·         Neither of the dresses (is/are) suitable for this party.

·         The orange (is/are) sour.

Practice Page 2

Fill in the blanks with suitable form of verb in the sentences given below:

·         I __________ badminton daily.(play/plays)

·         Neither of the two lift __________ working.(is/are)

·         Neither the students nor the teacher _________ the smart board in the class. (use/uses)



·         Not only Ayush but also all the students _______ to visit Taj Mahal.(want/wants)



·         __________ either of you two girls read the rules?(Has/Have)

·         The sale manager and the marketing manager ______ having a discussion.(is/are)



·         Those trousers _________ mine.(is/are)

·         Nobody _________ coming today.(is/are)

·         Somebody ____________ to meet you.(want/wants)

·         Everyone in the group ______ welcome to express his/her views.(is/are)

·         The data _________ everyone.(startle/startles)

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