Q37. What did it mean to be nawabs?


Q38. What was the result of the second Anglo-Maratha war?


What has happened in second Anglo-Maratha war?


Q39. Why the company had to buy most of the goods in India with gold and silver imported from Britain?


Q40. Who was Rayanna and what was his role in anti-British resistance movement?


Who was Rayanna? How did meet his end?


Q41. How did the appointment of residents in Indian states help the company?


Q42. What attracted European trading companies to India?


Q43. Why was Warren Hastings impeached?


Q44. What caused huge loss of revenue in Bengal?


What had caused enormous loss of revenue for Bengal?


Q45. What was the main reason for the defeat of Sirajuddaulah at Plassey?


State the main reason of defeat of Sirajuddaulah at Plassey.


Q46. What was the result of Rani Channamma’s anti-British resistance movement?


Write a note on Rani Channamma.


Who led an anti-British movement in kittur?


Q47. Explain the following terms: Qazi, Mufti and Impeachment


Q48. How was Tipu Sultan killed?


What happened in the Battle of Seringapatam?

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