Q20. Who initiated the policy of paramountcy?


Q21. Why could Delhi no longer function as an effective centre?


Q22. What led to intense conflict between British and local rulers?


Q23. What constituted the Mughal army?


Q24. Name the two rulers under whose leadership Mysore became powerful.


Q25. Why did Tipu Sultan develop a close relationship with the French in India?


Q26. Who were two famous Maratha soldiers and statesmen of the late eighteenth century?


Q27. “After the Battle of Buxar (1764), the Company appointed Residents in Indian states.” Who were the Residents?


Q28. When did the Mughal emperor appoint the Company as the Diwan of the provinces of Bengal?


Q29. Why did the Company want a puppet ruler?


Why was the Company keen on puppet ruler?


Why did British want to establish puppet ruler in Bengal?


Q30. Explain the term ‘Mercantile’.


Q31. What do you mean by puppet?


Q32. Name the Mughal emperor seen as the natural leader during the revolt of 1857.


Q33. List the Kingdoms which were annexed on the basis of ‘Doctrine of Lapse’.


Q34. What were the grievances of the Company regarding the Nawabs of Bengal?


Q35. Who were called ‘nabobs’?


Q36. How Plassey got its name?


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