Practice Page 1

Fill in the blanks with suitable Prepositions : on, at, in, to, for, since, until, of, over

     a.   I put an apple ___________the dining table.

     b.   I was born _________7th August.

     c.   He laughed __________me.

     d.   We stood __________a line outside the class.

     e.   Taekwondo class will held__________ Monday.

     f.    My guitar class is __________Wednesdays.

     g.   We planned __________work together.

     h.   Ravi lived here ____________5 years.

     i.     Dia is working this hotel ____________1991.

     j.    My grandparents will be here ___________December.

     k.   She will return to Delhi by the end _________this month.

     l.     Dia is fond ___________dance.

     m. I bought my new dress ___________thousand rupees.

     n.   Do not spoil your mood ___________silly things.

Practice Page 2

Fill in the blanks with suitable Prepositions: in, on, across, under, at, from, about, of, to, with

     a.   Look __________ those flowers.

     b.   Don’t shout ___________the classroom.

     c.   My hat is ____________the bed.

     d.   We walked ____________the road.

     e.   Music class will held___________ Monday.

      f.    New shop will open __________a month.

     g.   Ravi reached _________time.

     h.   My mom is preparing dinner __________the kitchen.

     i.     The little boy fell off __________bed.

     j.    I am worried __________him.

     k.   I am proud _______my mom.

     l.     Ria is talking _____________her teacher.

    m. I prefer juicy fruits ____________summers.

     n.   My father reached home __________7.00 pm.


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