Q20. How are resources classified according to their development and use?


Q21. What is human resource development?


Q22. What are the physical factors that affect the distribution of natural resources?


Q23. Why are human resources important?


Q24. Why are people considered as a resource?


Q25. Why are resources distributed unequally over the earth?


Q26. How potential resource can be actual resource?


Q27. Mention how stock of certain renewable resources may get affected by overuse.


Why certain renewable resources need to be used judiciously?


Q28. Differentiate between abiotic and biotic resources.


Q29. Differentiate between ubiquitous and localised resources.


Q30. Mention our duty to maintain and preserve the life support system that nature provides us.


Q31. What is the significance of time and technology in making a substance a resource?


Q32. Write the basic principles of sustainable development.


Q33. Differentiate between natural resources and human made resources.


Q34. Differentiate between potential and actual resources.


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