Practice Page 1

    Fill in the blanks in the sentences below using conjunction: and, or, although, but, until, when and because

      a.   Tia planted both rose __________ jasmine flowers in her garden.

      b.   Ria has to finish her work now, __________she’ll get in trouble.

      c.   Ravi worked hard, ____________scored less marks in math.

      d.   I would go to the market, ____________ nobody is at home.

      e.   Ramesh work is incomplete ______________ he was absent.

      f.    ____________I was not well, I attended my class.

      g.   Wait at the gate __________ mom come.

      h.   I’ll be happy ___________it’s done.

       i.     Ayush ___________ Navneeth went to the park.

       j.    The rain started ____________ he returns back.

      k.   We went to the zoo ____________ saw a lion.

       l.     ___________he is rich, he does not spend money unnecessarily.

      m. Do you want tea ____________cold drink?

       n.   Is it a new bag ___________an old bag?

Practice Page 2

     Underline the Conjunction:

       a.   I wanted to buy a flat but I didn’t have enough money.

       b.   We can go to Jaipur by car or by train.

       c.   I like mango juice but not apple juice.

       d.   I cannot sing but I can dance.

       e.   I want a new car because the one I have is very old.

       f.    Ramesh had urgent work on Monday, so he could not go to office.

       g.   Her name is Anuradha and she is your new lecturer.

       h.   I was feeling hot so I switched on the fan.

       i.     Ria is tall and thin.

       j.    Paper 1 was easy but paper 2 was difficult.

       k.   I like learning French language because it is interesting.

       l.     We did not play yesterday because weather was not good.

      m. You hurt me, so I will not help you again.

       n.   She has lot of pending work to do, so she cannot go to the market with you.

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