Q58. How do pathogens enter our body?


Q59. Why should we keep our food covered?


Q60. Why should we not let water collect anywhere in the neighbourhood?


Q61. Name the bacterium found in the roots of pea plant. How is this bacterium useful?


Q62. Why are viruses considered to be on the borderline between living organisms and non-living things?


Q63. What will happen if we take antibiotics when not needed?


Q64. What are carriers of disease causing microbes? Give examples.


Q65. What happens when yeast powder is added to sugar solution and kept for 4-5 hours?


Q66. Write some common uses of yeast.


Q67. Why is yeast used in baking industry?


Q68. How do houseflies spread disease?


Q69. Write a short paragraph on the harms caused by microorganisms.


Q70. What is called pasteurization?


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